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A Pac Heights Price-Watch

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With a great location close to two parks and the see-and-be-seen hustle of Fillmore St., 2155 Buchanan St. #9 also offers a "sophisticated ambiance" (that is to say, it looks like a Pottery Barn catalog) and "spect pano north-south-west city views." So as long as you don't want to see the sun rise, you're sure to love it. The 2 bedroom, 1,120 sq ft top floor condo has seen a bit of price fluctuation over the last five years: $800K in 2003, up to an even million in 2006, then back down a bit to the current $950,000 price tag. Might this be another case where playing the waiting game will get you a 2003/2004 price?
· 2155 Buchanan St. #9