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Congestion Pricing: Driving Could Get Even More Costly

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Many months and $1 million in federal grant money later, San Francisco is looking down the double-barrel of congestion pricing, i.e. traffic tolls. The SF County Transportation Authority calls the concept "totally doable" in the city. is considering scenarios in which drivers would be charged either at major city entry points, such as bridges and freeways, or in high-traffic areas, such as downtown and South of Market. The plans go before the Board of Supervisors tomorrow. The Mayor Newsom is on board with the idea, so we're sure this will be a very popular one in front of the Supes -- though the city does genuinely need the cashflow. But don't freak just yet, cash-strapped car-owners: the plan is in the earliest of stages, and amounts to be charged, where and when to charge them haven't yet been determined.
· Planners to consider S.F. congestion charge [SF Gate]