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Broker Blogwrap: A Brave New World

Broker BlogWrap is our tribute to the brokersphere. 'Cause we love you that much— we really do. Posts of note may be passed along accordingly.

1) The return of For Sale By Owner. It's a sign of the times... literally. [SF RE Blog]
2) Witness the continued rise of Real Estate 2.0 or whatever. You too can learn the secrets of Real Estate DVD Marketing and make MORE MONEY THAN EVER!!!11!! [Sellsius]
3) Want to capitalize on the New Great Depression but don't know where to begin? Why not start here: San Francisco Neighborhoods with the Fastest Price Reduction. [Redfin]
4) If you buy Mervyn's bankruptcy lease, do you think they'll let you spend the night in the store like that guy in that one movie? [Bay Area Investment Real Estate]