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Coming Soon: Electric Autopia

Hey, some green construction is on the horizon! Palo Alto-based "Better Place" is pouring $1 billion into a network of electric-vehicle charge stations to blanket the Bay Area by 2012. It'll be the first network of its kind in the U.S., though similar Better Place networks already exist in more eco-enlightened Australia, Denmark and Israel. In exchange, Green Gavin, along with the eco-friendly mayors of San Jose and Oakland, will be working together to create a set of vehicle regulations. "We're going to get serious about advancing our local climate action plans, about getting into the business of alternative transportation," says Green Gavin. Oops, apparently his PR team didn't tell him that an electric car is still a car. But anyway! There still aren't details on just how many of these charge stations there will be, and where they'll be located -- but the city is also looking at a plan to put outlets in sidewalk streetlights, too. Now there's just the matter of affording one of those $100,000 electric babies, and you'll be all set.
· Making Bay Area friendly for electric cars [SF Gate]