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Reader Report: Sparing the Air, Not the Streets

[image courtesy flickr photog Robert.Montalvo]

It's not an idle threat, folks: those Spare the Air cops really are out on patrol. From the comments: "At 10am on the first day of the "burn season" (1st November), there was a white BAAQMD Prius tooling around our neighborhood - using it's gas engine, shock, horror, to get up the hills of course - with the walkie-talkie blaring, being directed to individual addresses by the dispatcher. Given that 1st November was not declared an air emergency day, this must have been just a training/test run. But, be warned, they have the technology (the driver did have a big nose ...) and they are prepared to use it!" So shelve the kindling and the Duralogs. And to readers looking to bypass the Air with some offroad bonfires, please take heed: that didn't work out so well down in Santa Barbara.
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