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Here's an Idea: Live/Work Lofts on the Cheap

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Pssst. Developer Richard Lane has a hot tip to share. Remember those live/work lofts that were banned in 2001 because it turns out no one actually did any live/working? Well, Lane got to build some using a loophole in the ban: the buildings are allowed on a case-by-case basis if about 75 percent of their tenants work in their units. (Hmmm, that seems just about as enforceable as the regular live/work clause...) Lane's two mid-Market buildings have 150 units total, and his tenants— graphic artists, photography students, and Bloomingdale's sales clerks— pay rent ranging from $400 to $790 a month. All good things, right? But his project was for-profit, so you can probably guess how the city's housing advocates took it. Says Lane now: "I can understand why you don't want yuppie condos. But why can't you go in and revisit the idea? Make it say no condos, nothing for sale, rentals only. It seems to me this is something (the housing advocates) should be in favor of." Oh, Lane, you and your logic.
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