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Green for Green: New Park(ing) for Potrero Hill

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Why make a small park for local, space-deprived residents when you could pave that sucker and make it a garbage truck parking lot instead? That's the city's logic, more or less: They've tentatively approved a deal to exchange the undeveloped Potrero Hill lot in question for a part of Bayview's Little Hollywood Park, currently owned by Norcal Waste. The city will also score a cool $400,000 and a dirt-cheap lease on a larger section of Little Hollywood. Potrero residents call it "a stinker of a deal," having counted on the tiny park for a decade -- but perhaps Bayview is in more need of that green space after all? Either way, the city appears to be in most need of the green...
· Potrero Hill park plan booted for parking [SF Examiner]