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Redevelopment: Metreon Identity Crisis May Be Nigh

It's a mall -- er, well, it's a... destination? Soon we should have an answer. More detailed plans for the revamping of the Metreon are emerging, and they're decidedly ped-friendly, aimed to "captivate, appeal to and draw consumers to Metreon." The movie theatre and IMAX will remain, but just about everything else will change. The entire first floor will be reworked so businesses are facing out, with entrances on the street. "It'll be more of an urban, pedestrian-oriented experience" apparently. And while restaurants will dominate (with the top-floor Tavern on the Green the highest profile tenant to sign on to the project), there will be a hefty amount of retail. Sure, stores are closing faster than construction projects are being cancelled, but people in SoMa will still want to buy crap... right? We smell another fail coming on, Metreon...
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