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Alioto-Pier: CAMP's Welcome Anywhere... Else

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As Aaron Peskin taketh, so Michela Alioto-Pier shall giveth back... sort of. After Peskin introduced a resolution for the Board of Supes to officially oppose Don Fisher's CAMP— mind you, withno legal teeth— colleague Alioto-Pier went on the record to say that "we may kick you to the curb, but please don't move yourself and your tattered belongings to another street." Actually, it went a bit more like this: If it so happens that CAMP gets booted out of the Presidio, you're still welcome in San Francisco— really. Please just don't go to Chicago or New York. And then sister said it like she saw: "Aaron's got a lot of personal issues with Don Fisher, and unfortunately that is taking a precedent over the city." Righteous. So, where to, CAMP? Only a spot fit for an affluent CEO with a flair for the blandly dramatic will do.
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