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Park Concerts to Fill Park Coffers

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The experiment apparently succeeded, but the $815,000 fee the Recreation and Parks Department collected from August's Outside Lands clusterfuckconcert won't fly next year. The department is looking to make at least a cool $1M on concerts held in the park in the coming years by upping their organizer fees and adding a surcharge to tickets. And yes, there will be more nighttime concerts held in Golden Gate Park in the coming years, and no, none of those moneys will be spent to smooth Muni service or traffic when upwards of 125,000 people are flooding into the Sunset -- though it may be used to quell the mental anguish wrought upon the Sunset residents. According to the Neighborhood Association: "It was not just a three-day concert for us, it was a two-week ordeal." Ouch.
· Party in the park will cost $1 million [SF Examiner]

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