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Bill O'Reilly Thinks North Beach is the Tenderloin

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Bill O'Reilly, apparently starved for juicy content, sent one of his producers to our fair city to film a kill piece (with special concentration on North Beach, "the city's Tenderloin area" according to the worldly O'Reilly). "Once a working class town" we've been "worn down," accepted a "secular liberal culture" that's filled our city, "every single neighborhood," with pot-smoking pack-travelling vagabonds, transgender prostitutes and '60s radical retreads, made our parks unsafe after dark and essentially transformed our once beautiful town into a middling circle of hell. "At night time it's like you're in Amsterdam." Quel horreur!
· Bill O'Reilly Smears San Francisco With Surreal Pseudo-Documentary [Huffington Post via SFist]