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No Justice, No Peace: Daly v. Newsom in the 'Loin

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Chris Daly earned a little political capital, and he's intent on spending it. The Supe has introduced legislation that would put the $1 million in city funds set aside for a Polk Street Tenderloin Community Justice Center back into the city's account to be used for other projects, plus reject another almost $1 million in matching federal funds for the center, which is aimed at cleaning up the area's streets by dealing with small-time, nonviolent crimes. But the Mayor Newsom's attempt to get the public on his side failed when voters soundly rejected the center proposal in this past election. Of course, the always-popular Daly doesn't have all that much more political capital than Gavin: when it comes time for the inevitably mayoral veto, Chris D. probably won't have the votes to stop the center after all. But hey, let's see how much time and money we can waste until then, right guys?
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