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City to John King: Chill Dude, We Got This

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So do we or don't we need a new space— a civic center, if you will? (Including, possibly, the actual Civic Center.) After bringing up John King's initial point that San Francisco failed to bring election-night fever to a full-on boil in the form of a rally/mob/mosh pit, Curbed readership seems divided at best. Says commenter Castro Condo or Town in Kansas?: "Only a city such as San Francisco filled with Veruca Salts would anyone fret over such a ridiculous non-problem." Others pointed to possibilities that lay dormant in Union Square or the Civic Center. But, as King says, the Civic Center is dead and blighted, and it's not where people "instinctively want to be." Ahem. Unless they're protesting, right? As it turns out, the city set aside $100,000 this year to figure out whether we could build ourselves a new communal space. Location? The Embarcadero, from Mission to Broadway. The brainstorming begins now. And boy, if this happens, the N-Judah has got its work cut out for it.
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