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Making History on Buena Vista Park

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When we last took a look at 147 Buena Vista Ave, it was on the market as one of the more expensive TICs we've ever seen, with a listing price of $2,995,000. Unreasonable? Perhaps. But now for about another $1.25M, you can get the entire building. $4,295,000 or $716 per sq ft seems like a decent price for two nicely renovated, high-end flats. Historic detailing has been preserved while renovations have been made where you'd want them to be — namely, the kitchen and bath. But the facts don't end there. 145-147 also came with a bit of a backstory, as conveyed by a loyal legion of anonymous commenters who kindly filled us in on the history of the 6,000 sq ft home.

Apparently 145-147 Buena Vista once housed Dr. Haderle, the "hero of the 1918 influenza epidemic," and was later passed on to his son John, a longshoreman who was "strong as an ox" and by all accounts a "total hoot" who threw great parties for all the neighbors. At one time, the building was also used to house local gymnasts and even included practice equipment in the backyard. A heroic local doctor, a hard-partying longshoreman and a team of gymnasts? Is someone working on getting the film rights to this place yet?
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