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Under 500 Club: Soon We'll Be Shipbuilding

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The Under 500 Club is Curbed SF's exclusive members-only support group for those homes on the market for less than $500,000. Things are looking up: Once the domain of poorly (if at all) staged homes, the Club's membership has grown to include both shitboxes and hidden gems. All listings of note should be sent to the Curbed SF Inbox.

With its dark, wood-paneled walls and sparse window placement, 1459 Hayes St. is perfect for someone who's always dreamt of living in the hull of a galleon. This "charming and rustic" one bedroom TIC does have its perks, though: most notably the large sun-drenched garden and the in-the-tank listing price of $369,000. Why even bother renting when you can have your own 870 sq ft piece of San Francisco for such a low price?
· 1459 Hayes St. [MLS]