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Another Nail in CAMP's Shiny Mod Coffin

It appears a stand-off is a-brewin', passive-aggressive Presidio style. While San Francisco has scrambled to denounce Don Fisher and his plans for an art museum, the feds who control the Presidio have kept their cards pretty close to their chest -- well, they did. But Fisher's museum (plus its matching hotel) is just too big; the Presidio Trust is considering plans that would split the museum up into smaller structures or move the whole thing altogether, to allow for the preservation of some of the historic buildings and archaeological sites that Don Fisher apparently doesn't give a shit about. For his part, Fisher's camp isn't saying just how many changes they'll be willing to swallow and still pony up all that art. Worst of all: the Trust won't make a final decision until next spring.
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The Presidio Trust

34 Graham Street, San Francisco, CA 94129