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Fay House Catch-22: No Free Money

What does one do with a century-old historic house that's not doing much besides sittin' pretty in Russian Hill (curiously ID'd as the Marina by the Examiner)? The city's currently debating that very topic, having sat on the Fay House at 2366 Leavenworth for a decade now, as neighboring homes go for $1.5 mil. One idea to convert the house into cash flow: turn the place into a ticketed-entry designer showcase, and show visitors how the other half lives lived. Or turn the upper story into offices and the ground floor into the ever popular gift shop/historic museum combo. Or even return the the former residence to its former glory and lease it out as a private residence. Sadly, though, as it so often does, it takes money to make money— and the city doesn't have any to sink into the Fay House's refurbishment, meaning it'll likely stay put a while longer. At least it's not blighted... yet.
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