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Condos Split With Buyers, Go for Renters

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It's no secret: the Argenta's gone rental. And it's hardly the only one. The market fallout has fancy condo properties around the city falling like dominoes, with the Artani at 818 Van Ness— still in an unfinished state— advertising a "stimulus" plan to move units, and also apparently advertising its units as both condos and rentals. And the 720 units planned for 1401 Market St. look like they'll be called in favor of a rental market. (Of course, this would be a little less funny if developer Crescent Heights appeared as if they were actually intending to build something.) Meanwhile— lest we forget about the Argenta— the entire building is being sold as a rental building. We wonder which way 77 Van Ness will go, at just a couple blocks away from all the others?
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Argenta Apartment Homes

1 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94102