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Broker Blogwrap: It Starts With a Question

Broker BlogWrap is our tribute to the brokersphere. 'Cause we love you that much— we really do. Posts of note may be passed along accordingly.

1) Strolling through the nabe and see a house that suits you? Just scan it with your cell phone and take it with you to show the wife later. Welcome to the future of RE window shopping with QR codes. [Sellsius]
2) At first the housing market was slowing down a bit -- but it wasn't affecting you right? Then the next thing you know your house has been on the market for over a year. So what do you do? Basically, well, whatever the hell you can. [Trulia blog]
3) Tired of looking for the right home in Cupertino? Why not just build your dream home? Check out this knock down with a kitchen that was "remodeled at some time." Bonus: "frig stays!" [Burbed]