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Developers Shrug at Rising Sea Levels

Is the City by the Bay destined to become more bay and less city? A two-year-old report sure thinks so, predicting a 33-inch rise in Bay Area sea levels by 2100. Yet most shoreline development has happily gone forward without taking into account the devastating possibility of soggy socks. Our ever-inbound shoreline does have a few people worried— one architect makes sure all his designs have higher base elevations to accommodate future apocalyptic water levels. All joking aside, shoreline development could actually shake out to be a fairly serious issue in these parts (Katrina, anyone?). Strangely enough, SFO has no plans to deal with rising sea levels in the future— a spokesman called it "all speculative." Fair enough... worst case scenario: the sea lions edge a little more inland at Pier 39, right?
· Rising sea levels could endanger development around the Bay [SF Examiner]