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A Tall Future for the Potrero Center?

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Big plans for 16th Street. Owners of the Potrero Center strip-mall have proposed an amendment to the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan that would allow housing to be built above the chain stores and parking spaces, more than doubling the mall's height. The success of the proposal probably lies in the agreement to sell almost a quarter of the housing at below-market prices. The amendment would also allow for big-box stores to remain at the mall, even if they're outlawed throughout the rest of the city (which, if Peskin gets his way...). But don't fret yet, vigilant Potrero NIMBYs: the way the market looks, "it doesn't make much sense to build right now," says one of the two mall owners. "But certainly I think someday it will." So keep those copy machines warm...
·Shopping center owners want to stack housing on retail [SF Examiner]

Potrero Center

2300 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103