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A Calf-A-Terre in Cow Hollow

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To own in Cow Hollow — that's the dream, right? Sure, 2943 Baker St. #3 might be an incredibly tiny studio (the square footage isn't even listed, though hey, they got a bed in there!), but this TIC can be found in "one of the best locations on earth." Listing hyperbole nothwithstanding, the location is pretty damn good. Mere steps from the Presidio and sandwiched between Russian Hill, the Marina and Pac Heights, property values can only rise up here, so consider this an investment! Or use it for a pied-a-terre while you jet back and forth from New York or Miami or Beijing or something. With an asking price of only $305,000, you really can't go wrong.
· 2943 Baker St. #3 [MLS]