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The Chambers Mansion: High on History, Low on Charm

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Built in 1887, The Chambers Mansion was named after a silver tycoon (btw, where have all the tycoons gone? silver parachutes, you say?) who eventually became a U.S. Senator. Later it became known as the Mansions Hotel until its 2002 conversion into two tycoon-sized townhomes. For a house with such a rich history, we find 2220 Sacramento St. to be a bit... let's say, underwhelming. With 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and 5,800 sq ft, the place is a behemoth, but the renovation seems to have stripped the mansion of most of its historic detailing and all of its turn-of-the-century charm. Additional tycoony perks: two-car parking, four fireplaces, rear garden, and a wine cellar. On the market for the first time in five years, The Chambers Mansion was last sold in 2003 for a $3,295,000 -- but today's asking price, as you might imagine, is a bit higher: $4,250,000 — which works out to about $733 per.
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