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More Legal Drama For CCSF Chinatown Campus

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City College of San Francisco can't catch a break when it comes to their planned Chinatown campus. Activists have been trying to stop the development since day one— their reasoning, however, has become increasingly weak as each lawsuit and injunction fails. First, the tower was too large. Then, the windows on the smaller of the two proposed buildings weren't deep enough, or something. And now naysayers spun it as a preservation issue. Their newest complaint? A "faulty" environmental review will result in the demise of The Drexler-Colombo Building, a crumbling historic structure included in the university's redevelopment plan. Friends of progress, rest easy — a judge is expected to rule against opponents today. It might finally be time for a little growth in Chinatown after all— after the suit is settled on December 18th, that is.
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