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Rendering Reveal: Google's New Futuristic Home

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Greenest. Building. Ever. Behold: the icy-hot renderings Google recently submitted to the Mountain View Planning Department for their new office building. The 310,000 square foot, five-story tall structure undulates and curves around a series of courtyards and green areas. See also: solar panels, natural ventilation via "prevailing winds" and "new standards for construction." Plus a hotel! Unfortunately, Google's frosty offices are, like so many building projects in the Bay Area, currently on hold, though the company is already leasing its future plot of land just east of the Googleplex from the city for $1.7 mill per year. But good things come to those who wait. One city architect who studied the plans says the building "has no carbon footprint." LEED platinum indeed! This baby won't degrade over time -- just like Papa Google, it'll "evolve as knowledge and information improve." Um, whoa. And these are just the "informal" plans!
· Google shows off "extraordinary" building plans [Palo Alto Online via Valleywag]

Google San Francisco

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