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Gavin's Garden: Even More Green

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How does Gavin's "victory garden" grow? For a little bit longer -- and more than $2k a week, it turns out. The mayor's office has been extending the garden's stay of execution for weeks. It's now set to come out in December, instead of November, but it'll cost us -- $2,200 weekly, to be exact. The city is shelling out for daily private security detail from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. to keep the kale fresh from the Civic Center's population of drunks and homeless. As one gardener put it, "If they don't have security, it will become a toilet." Slow Food Nation may have footed the nearly $200 large for the garden back in August, but at this rate, the city will have put up nearly $50k when all's said and done. Because really: why invest in the city's overcrowded community gardens when you can pay for your own personal plot?
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