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New Mall Could Do What Board of Supes Couldn't

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Could a mall do for that pungent stretch of Market what a comprehensive redevelopment plan of the blighted area couldn't? In short: quite possibly -- if only because it can squeeze through the red tape. The Planning Commission's mid-Market plan, aimed at creating new housing and preserving historic buildings, has languished at the whims of the Board of Supes for three years now. Planners consider it "ostensibly dead." But now the five-story CityPlace mall is set to -- at least in its own little $75 million way -- revitalize the Tenderloin/Civic Center Market Street area with "value-based" retail. The thinking behind the mall: if they build it, you will come -- and reinvigorate the nabe with new neighborhood coffee shops, restaurants and services. Unfortunately for the Civic Center and SoMa residents who aren't hitting up the budget strip clubs or crashing at the SROs, the mall won't get full approval for some time still.
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