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(Almost) On the Market: Infinity's Second Tower

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The economy may be tanking, construction may be at a stand still, and your job security may be nonexistent -- but that's no reason to not buy a luxury condo! That's Infinity Towers' thinking, anyway. And good on them: it seems to be working. The development's second tower will go on the market in January and will be ready for occupancy in April, eight months early. But if you're still longing for the tower one white cabinet experience, you'd best get on that whole mortgage thing: the first tower is already 70 percent closed, with 40 more condos in contract. One little quibble: nearly all of those units were in contract a year ago, when all we had to worry about was rising inflation and gas prices, and before the whole economic end times thing. The post-bailout SF condo sales scene still remains up in the air, as it were.
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