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Greener Than Thou: Go Solar, Already!

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Greener Than Thou is our report on San Francisco’s obsession with all things green, calling bullshit in the poseurs and lavishing praise on those who have secured their place in environmental paradise. Let it mellow longer than most? Holla!

Let there be no doubt, San Francisco is green and it's all thanks to Greener-Than-Thou poster child Gavin Newsom. Three environmental press conferences in three days? Seriously, Gav? The enthusiasm is appreciated, but what would possibly justify another new announcement? A little bragging and a friendly reminder, it seems. Apparently, there's some sort of solar rebate program that started in July - maybe you've heard of it, GoSolarSF? It grants businesses and home owners up to $6,000 to install solar panels. Since the program's inception 60 applications per month have been submitted to the city, who have the ambitious goal of installing 10,000 solar rooftops by 2010 (wasn't it 15,000 originally?) If you're curious about the city's progress or just want to check to see if the Jones's next door have installed their panels yet, the San Francisco Department of the Environment has created a handy solar map for all verdant voyeurs.
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