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Rumormongering UPDATE: Pac Heights Mansion SOLD!

Earlier today, we were tipped off that 2799 Broadway St. was sold for a whopping 29 mil. Information has trickled in from commenters and we now know that 1) the home also goes by the alias 37 Raycliff Terrace; 2) a private buyer apparently just asked if the owners wanted to sell ("Hey, um...I was just in the neighborhood and was wondering if I could buy your house..."); 3) The home, as it stands today, was a drastic renovation of the dreaded stucco box - a postmodern old money mansion; and 4) If our commenter is correct, the mystery buyer has been revealed as English programmer Michael Birch, founder of such indispensable web sites as,, and Bebo - the sixth most popular website in the UK. Welcome to the neighborhood Lord Bebo.
· Rumormongering: Pac Heights Mansion Sold? [Curbed SF]