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More Prop B: In Your Face, Joe the Plumber

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Prop. B would build affordable housing into the city budget, but C.W. Nevius wonders in today's Chron whether we need some middle-income housing advocacy too. Not that this is the first time fingers have been pointed at San Francisco for failing to put roofs over, shall we say, Joe the Plumber. Some more grist for the mill: From 1999 to 2006, 4,342 units of very low-income housing were built, plus 1,113 of low-income housing. Middle-income housing: 725 units. The lesson is, as is oft repeated, middle-income households make too much money to qualify for low-income housing, but obviously not enough to land themselves living space in the booming luxury condo world. So, what's left? One teacher's standing up to the problem, but fears the backlash: "Maybe I'll call in sick tomorrow." Sheesh.
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