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Home Improvement: A Project at 3767 21st Street

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The listing claims that 3767 21st Street was built by a "local renowned potter." Try: a local renowned lumberjack— and we mean that as a compliment. Sure, the place looks like it hasn't seen a renovation since day one (which was 1970) but everyone replaces kitchens anyway, right? 1,435 square feet, 3-bedrooms, 1 bathroom. See also: Double-height windows, a huge fireplace, sunroom, and separate studio space; a brick patio, fishpond, and — drum roll here— a waterfall. And wood. Lots of wood. $1,295,000 asking.
· 3767 21st St. [MLS]

Dolores Park

Dolores Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 Visit Website