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Japanese Tea Garden: Even *More* "Culturally Relevant"!!

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The Recreation and Park Commission is set to vote today on a measure that would seek to lease space at Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden with "more accuracy." Local Japanese-Americans have been peeved about the inauthentic wares at the gift shop and tea house for more than two years. They want a "more culturally relevant" scene for the garden's 400,000+ annual visitors. The current vendors say they're just trying to valance authenticity with what sells -- but they'll probably bid to stay in this new round, too, sans "I Heart SF" snowglobes and T-shirts. [SF Gate]

Japanese Tea Garden

75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, , CA 94118 (415) 752-1171 Visit Website

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 94121 Visit Website