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Renter Tales of Terror: Lower Mission Edition

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New dirty deets have emerged in the Corado/Alvarado landlady sitch at Capp and 24th Street. Things are even messier than we first thought: As you may recall, the Corados' are one of the many city residences enjoying a nice bit of rent control on their apartment in a time and place of imminent hipster takeover. Things were tense, but after they witnessed her throwing another tenant down the stairs, took her to court and won, things got real ugly. She allegedly locked them out of their apartment, falsely accused them of assault and smeared blood and feces on their front door. But they didn't leave, so she had to resort to seriously drastic measures and hit them with her car (no injuries sustained, luckily). She may be no Nicole Macy, but this lady has some serious cajones. According to a police report, she told the Corados that if they didn't leave, "They will leave as cadavers!"
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