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All Your Base Belong to Us: Developer Eyes Oakland

East Bay power developer Phil Tagami is working up his master plan for the Oakland Army Base a little early, and a wee bit outside the city's scope. Tagami is competing with three other finalists for the chance to develop the site, which has been abandoned for nearly a decade. Thing is? The other three developers won't have their proposals, timelines and budgets in 'til the city's deadline in January. But Tagami isn't content with deadlines, "office, retail and logistics space," or, for that matter, the constraints of the base itself: his rogue scheme will sprawl into Oakland proper and be complete with plans for infrastructure and industrial warehouse development to boost Oakland Port's container volume. Plus it'll boast its own freaking rapid transit line to the old West Oaktown train station that -- oh yeah -- he'll rehabilitate to boot. Here's to hoping he'll resurrect his personal YouTube channel TagamiVision to give us a walk-through!

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