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A Club on Every Corner: SF as Marijuana Model?

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Between Attorney General Jerry Brown's contention that San Francisco marijuana clubs may soon fall under siege, and that looming January 21st deadline to bring their dispensaries up to code, the future was looking a little hazy for the city's beloved pot clubs. But it turns out the clubs have a good friend in the Chron, which argues that they're an absolute community service. No more dispensaries in school zones or in the ground floors of sober houses, thanks to neighborly pressure! And there's hardly a "club on every corner" as Gavin fretted back in 2005 -- unless you're in SoMA or the Civic Center/Tenderloin area, with the city's greatest concentration of children!.And local proprietors say they're even glad for the extra regulation, after 10 years of weedy free-for-all. But of course: if half the city's 26 clubs go down next January, as Brown predicted, the other half sure would be thankful to the city for the extra business.
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[photo courtesy Google's ganja map]