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City Harshes Halloween's Mellow

If there's one thing San Francisco officials know how to do, it's put the kibbash on public revelry. (See also: North Beach.) After a terrible shooting in 2006, the city put the once-legendary Castro Halloween party on lock-down last year. And it worked: Much like with the one-time New Year's celebration in Union Square, people got the message and now outraged revelers already don't seem to miss the party too much — attendance at this year's Halloween informational meeting dropped drastically. City officials are wary: Halloween falls on a Friday this year— a Friday that happens to coincide with Critical Mass, and a Friday that is only 4 days before what some expect to be the most important presidential election of their lifetimes. Perfect shitstorm right there. The city's solution? A totally awesome list of things to do everywhere else in the city but the Castro. (See also: Onward to AT&T Park!
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