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Treasure Island Utopia Meets Real-World Bureaucracy

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Scientific American takes a look at the world's impending ecotopias, including our very own Treasure Island über-development from master-planners SOM and Arup. Not much new here, but to recap: 6,000 apartments and condos within 15-minute walk from the new ferry terminal, local farming, and as you'd expect from an "eco-city," solar everything — including a "compact street grid [that] has been oriented 35 degrees north of due south to maximize the exposure of the rooftop photovoltaics to sunlight." Of course, as Treasure Island limps towards becoming reality, certain government forces will start to have more of an impact. The mayor's office, expecting a population jump from 3,000 to 15,000, wants to slap a toll on TI residents to keep traffic down on the Bay Bridge. Self-defeating plan? Nope. According to Green Gavin, the fee will turn "what has always been the breathtaking potential of Treasure Island into reality." Chris Daly, whose district includes the island, is (for now) remaining silent on the proposal. Treasure Island: The land of tomorrow with the traffic problems of today.
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