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Development Watch: Small Spot on South Park

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A couple more buildings are rising next to OPA Design and Architecture's gallery house on South Park. Cool and contemporary, each ambiguously-addressed edifice will host a commercial space on the ground floor with residential units above. Such goodies as radiant heating and residential elevators (cold floors and 4-story walk-ups be damned!) await the proud owners of these new homes. With it's great restaurants and cafes, dot-com and design offices, new developments, considerable homeless population, and unobstructed views of One Rincon, South Park is truly becoming a microcosm of our fair city.

We really like the blue striping, but unfortunately, that's just protection for the aluminum panels.

Group shot! Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architect's Gallery House @ 70 South Park is on the far left, covered in mesh. We can't wait to see how that facade turns out:

[Rendering of OPA's gallery house courtesy OPA Design and Architecture]

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