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On The Market: Value Add at 692 Castro Street

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Nothing like a shot of Botox and a wine cellar to add some extra value to a condo, eh? "Historic marina style . . . blends 1925 charm with contemporary convenience." Well put, agent (for once!). This "immaculate gem"— not a line on that face— sits right amidst the Castro ballyhoo: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. $965, 000 for 1444 square feet at $668/ per. Built in 1925—note the deets: book cases, crown molding, doors— restored and not new, we'd like to think. Fireplace and wine cellar, too. Nice.
· 692 Castro Street [MLS]
· 692 Castro Street [website]

[Ed note: As per a reader query below: this property also features a 2 car garage (!) and a large garden. Not bad.]