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NYC Native Calls Dibs On Gentrification

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Okay, okay, okay— OK! We're going to give Danny Hoch a chance here. After all, he, a New York Fucking City native (from a mythical land called Williamsburg) has delivered unto us perhaps the best line we've ever heard from a lifer: "Williamsburg is ground zero for gentrification not just in New York but in the country, because it has provided a blueprint for how fast and how violent displacement and economic development can happen in a short amount of time." That's a big statement there, Oh Danny Boy. Yet it's obvious that Hoch considers gentrification quite a bit— and thoughtfully, so we hear: His solo stage production, Taking Over, opens at the Berkeley Repertory Theater (where his work has been most kindly received over the years, he claims). "Taking Over is about how gentrification is really masking the idea of colonialism and how everybody is kind of searching for a sense of home and disconnected from where their home is." Fine. We admit it. We're sorta looking forward to this one. And not only because of the theme, or Mr. Hoch's reportedly dry and witty sense of humor (see, somebody out there understands us). Who wouldn't want to check out this cast of characters on stage: a major real estate developer, a Dominican taxi dispatcher, a French real estate agent, a revolutionary gangsta rapper, and a New York University student. And the blogger?
· Danny Hoch brings his new Brooklyn tale to the Bay [SFBG]

[Image, filed under caption "Williamsburg Denied a Merciful, Pain-Free Death" courtesy our first love, Curbed NYC]