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Later, Tatiana: City Considering Zoo Eviction

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Due to recent events (we're not sure if you heard, but there was a tiger attack last week) the city may be planning to re-nationalize (re-municipalize?) the SF Zoo. The non-profit San Francisco Zoological Society was given control of the zoo in 1993, but that changeover resulted in less public oversight and closed-door meetings; kind of like renovating your apartment without telling your landlord. So why should you care either way? If the city takes over, upkeep of the zoo facilities becomes everyone's responsibility, costing tax payers $12- $15 million dollars a year. Maybe more with the new upgrades that will surely be taking effect in the next year. The Recreation and Parks department will be holding a hearing this Friday to take a closer look at their current tenant and, if necessary, put all their stuff out on the curb.
· Did San Francisco give up too much control, let its zoo run wild? [SF Gate]

[Image courtesy NY Daily News]