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Inaugural Address: City Hall Tackles Homelessness in '08

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Let the controversy begin: Mayor Gavin Newsom will initiate a new member into his City Government Gang during today's inauguration ceremony at City Hall. Dariush Kayhan has been recruited as the city's new homeless policy director, expressly charged with manhandling those who fashion the city's sidewalks into crash pads. Never failing to entertain, the Chron's C.W. Nevius introduces Kayhan as such:

A former director of housing and homeless programs at the Department of Human Services, and born in San Francisco, Kayhan certainly seems to have the credentials. Heck, he and his son were even the target of some aggressive panhandling the other night after a downtown concert.Hey— we've been "aggressively panhandled" recently. Qualified! Gav n' Kayhan (4-ever) are expected to reveal a couple of measures today, plans that Kayhan hopes will "re-engineer the process" of helping the homeless; one or more of the city's current shelters may be shut down to create a medical respite center for those referred by the police or paramedics for longer term care and medical treatment (before being eased into transitional housing). Inviting the wrath of civil libertarians, homeless and mental health advocates alike, Mayor Newsom may also suggest the possibility of funding a version of Laura's Law, which mandates that the severely mentally ill take medication under supervision, whether against their will or not. Get ready to rumble, San Francisco, 'cause this one's gonna be, well, like we said— controversial.
· Mayor's new homeless policy guru is eager for change [SF Gate]