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Ask Curbed SF: Hash Den Next Door

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In need of guidance, oh wayward one? Turn to the oracle that is the Ask Curbed SF inbox. We'll burden the masses with your problems, and they, our all-knowing readers, will command thee.

Awwww . . . this newbie is having a rough time adjusting to San Francisco's flora and fauna. Shall we, oh neighbors?:

Dear Curbed SF— I'm relatively new to San Francisco, and given that a lot of your readers seem to be seasoned professionals, I thought I'd turn to you for advice. The long and short of it: the apartment next door is a total hash den, and I can barely stand it anymore. It's 4:20 every hour, and the smoke just seeps through walls, I swear. It's annoying to live with, embarassing when my friends drop by, and was downright mortifying during a recent family visit. I know that people are going to write in and just tell me to deal with it. But I've already addressed it with the dudes, and they act like I'm some right winger from Montana or a secret agent dispatched by Nancy Reagan and George Bush. In actuality, I'm not against weed. I'd just like to have a contact high maybe 2 instead of 7 days a week! What to do? I'd imagine that some Curbed SF readers have dealt with this crap before. Signed, Involuntary Stoner on Stanyan Street.