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Your Black Muslim Bakery Matriarch Accused of Fraud

And just when we thought the buzz surrounding Your Black Muslim Bakery had calmed down a bit— on the RE front, at least: the mum of Yusuf Ali Bey IV, Daulet Bey, transferred three bakery-owned properties (worth $2.28 million) to her name. Not a wise choice, as bankruptcy trustee Tevis Thompson since claimed that Bey's little hustle was an act of fraud intended to shield the properties— 5873 and 5877 San Pablo Avenue, in Oakland— away from the eyes of creditors. It turns out that YBMB-owned buildings have been tossed around from one Bey to the other in the past several years; Daulet Bey didn't consult a lawyer (bad call) when penning a five-page missive to Thompson, defending herself while outlining the transfer of the parcels in question between herself, and her children (Antar and Bey IV, both fathered by YBMB patriarch supreme Yusef Ali Bey). Substantial piles of money were shuffled along with the properties, $900,000 of which was used to bounce Bey IV from jail in March 2006— he's now back in the can on charges of kidnapping, torture, and real estate fraud. Sloppy indeed.
· Bakery associate claims land transfers legitimate [Oakland Tribune]

[Image courtesy Michele Malkin]