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The Spin: Singer Saves Zoo, CAMP, 49ers

The San Francisco Zoo has hired Sam Singer, a "public relations and crisis communications" consultant (a.k.a. "spin doctor") to perpetrate rumors about vodka and sling shots manage the public portrayal of the recent tiger mauling— you know, the one that left one dead, two hospitalized, and the zoo looking bad beyond belief. What's that got to do with Curbed SF? Not much, we thought, until we noticed a few of the other names and projects on Singer's client list:

Gap Inc. founder Don Fisher, in his bid to develop a museum to house his modern art collection at the Presidio; Lennar Corp., in its push for a deal with San Francisco City Hall to redevelop Treasure Island, Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point; and the San Francisco 49ers, during their recently abandoned attempt to build a new stadium in the city.We knew there was a (not so) cosmic connection between CAMP and Don and Doris's most recent environmental crusade. And how about those 49ers?
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