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NIMBY's Unite: Subway to Occupy Market and Gough

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Neighborhood protesters and foodies alike, gather ye selves 'round: Zuni Cafe, CAV Wine Bar, Espetus Churrascaria and Hotel Biron, all well-loved haunts along Hayes Valley/ Upper Market/ Deco Ghetto— we'll let y'all duke that one out— will not in fact, be joined by another illustrious eatery. Instead, alerts an Eater SF reader, a Subway is set to overtake the former l'Art Deco furniture store: "Looks like the recently closed l'Art Deco furniture store @ Market & Gough (next to Espetus) is going to be a Subway. Let the earth swallow me up right now."
· Congrats Hayes Valley, You Get a Subway Franchise [Eater SF]