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Swept Away: Cabbie Weathers Storm, Wipes Out

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In our continuing memorial to the weekend storm-that-was (and apparently is still to be) . . . Rough day on 280 for Mr. Cabbie, as our ever-vigilant comrade Plug 1 caught the following weekend storm action:

Yesterday some d'bags on 280 started hitting the far right lane in hopes of getting 8-foot high breakers to splish-splash over the gaurd [sic] rail down onto 16th Street. It was like "whatevs" until a Yellow Cab got blinded by the light mist, lost control, and slide-showed into the barrier. The slip n' slide seemed to have put the cabbie in quite the pickle.Good times all around— see "before" and "after" above. Peep 40 seconds' worth of action (replete with commentary) after the jump.

Video courtesy PlugWonder.