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Divisadero Corridor To Become Swan

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Divisadero Street has received a gift certificate for a full day at the spa: the entire corridor is set to receive a complete overhaul, as per city plans developed over the past year with input from the nabes itself. They're really going all-out here: new trees, foot paths, street lamps, bus shelters, crosswalks, and business are cited as upcoming improvements in the 'hood. Building on the back-to-the-past aesthetic San Francisco seems to be adopting for some of its redevelopment efforts—think Fillmore— regular street lights will be swapped out for more "classic" designs, while medians and sidewalks will be landscaped with various trees and such. Commercial adverts will be replaced with precious banners announcing the revitalization of the nabe, no doubt— just in case we don't notice.
Divisadero Street overhaul planned [SF Examiner]