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Newsom Makes Public Plea to 49ers, DiFi Admits Envy

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As an aside to his recent engagement announcement, devoted husband-to-be Mayor Gavin Newsom, along with Senator DiFi and House Speaker Pelosi, huddled together at the former Hunters Point shipyard to make a public plea to the SF Giants 49ers: as signed into law by Preztastic George W. Bush last month, an infusion of $82 million in federal cleanup funds for the area has given the triumvirate new hope in their ongoing courtship with the SF Giants 49ers. Back in November, the team joined with Farallon Capital Management , SMWM architects, and developer Cordish Co. to make a bid for the project; Santa Clara came calling, and the decision has since become shaky. (Though subtly, Newsom put the screws to the Giants 49ers during the press event: “Eighty-two million dollars will get us where we need to be if the 49ers decide to do the right thing and fulfill their commitment to the members of the community that they made a number of years ago.”) Hamming it up during her appearance, Feinstein razzed the Gav about his upcoming vows while claiming that she felt a “a tinge of profound jealousy” toward Newsom, whose administration will oversee the project should it come to pass. And here we thought she was talking about Jennifer Siebel.
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[Ed. Note: Your editor has been oh-so-kindly outed as not only a (willing) sports ignoramus, but one who made the same egregious conflation between football and baseball three times in one paragraph. The shame, oh how it burns.]